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Careers with PYSSUM

Be A Volunteer

PYSSUM has an ever-growing family of volunteers who support various activities. Our only criterion is that volunteers commit their time with devotion and then abide by it!

We are always in gratitude for all the help that a large number of volunteers render. The most popular volunteering activity is coming to school, helping kids in different activities and classes. Apply here to be a volunteer with us.

Join the team

If you have the will, we’ll give you the skill and an opportunity to serve a community with special needs! This statement has attracted some of the best individuals from the community to become part of the PYSSUM Team.

If you’d like to be part of our team then send your CV to

Apply for Internship

Please drop in your application for an Internship and we will revert back if we can accommodate you. (For College Pursuing/pass outs and Working Professionals for weekend Support etc.)


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