The events at PYSSUM aim to give the exposure of various social life situations to our angels, young or adults. A thorough planning goes into organising or participating in an event keeping in mind the special need individuals involved in it. The entire year is divided into several sets of social, cultural or developmental training activities as per the needs of participants. Birthdays, days of National and Cultural importance, Competitions and In-house activities are the outcomes of the micro and macro level planning by the event management team. Anand Utsav - the festival of joy is the epitome of all the efforts that go into the training of PYSSUM's children and adults with special needs."
Swami Vasudevananda Giri Ji, YSS of Indi
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Anand Utsav

PYSSUM’s foundation day celebrations take place as “The Anand Utsav - a festival of joy” every year at the beginning of winter season. It is one of the major events the special schools look forward to and participate in full swing as this festival grants a unique platform to all individuals with special needs. A huge number of student volunteers from various universities in Lucknow join hands with PYSSUM coordinators. The date of the festival is appropriated keeping in mind the suitability of all the participating schools in general. Anand Utsav – a festival of joy 2018 happened on 16th November. The festival focused to highlight the sports talents among the intellectually challenged individuals on the lines of Special Olympics Bharat. 13 schools working for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities from Lucknow and Kanpur participated in the gala event. The PYSSUM coordinators were supported by student volunteers from Lucknow University, Dhyey IAS Udaan students, Integral University and Amity University.

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Christmas Celebration

The birth of Jesus Christ, a symbol of Divine Love, Kindness, Non-Violence and Eternal Peace, is celebrated with great joy at PYSSUM. The Display of Manger with newly born Baby Jesus is prepared by the staff and trainee teachers. A special session is organised inclusive of chants, meditation and healing prayers.

Guru Janmotsav

5th January is celebrated as the birthday of Paramahansa Yogananda world over as Guru Janmotsav. The entire PYSSUM family celebrates with special Havan ceremony dedicated to the Guru followed by special chanting and meditation. After the meditative celebrations, the community meal, Bhandara is served to all as the Prasadam. The Janmotsav is generally celebrated in coordination with the day.