COVID19 Experience from Faculty and Trainees

Divyansi Singh - Special Educator (Vocational Training)
Divyanshi singh.jpg

I started with PYSSUM through D.Ed. course for Special Educators. At PYSSUM, I got the opportunity to become a professional special educator. At PYSSUM, we emphasize peace and positive thinking in everything we do with our Angels. We not only work for these children with special needs but also learn from them.

During this lockdown, when everything was closed, we could not see anyone, talk to anyone; however, our adult trainees would call us daily. My experience with our special needs adults has been amazing. Even during the lockdown, our conversation revealed that whatever we taught these trainees with love and dedication, they remembered everything, the work, the activities, and the meditations. By working closely with these children, we can help them in becoming independent. This is what lockdown proved to everyone. Our adults managed well with their parents, handling and helping at home.

This new experience through COVID19 has revealed that there is a lot more important than just giving gadgets to work with individuals with special needs. There has been much discussion about Online Home Assignments, but my online interaction with our adults made me realize that communication is more important than engaging them with gadgets. They enjoy their time at the campus because there is a lot of communication with their colleagues and trainers. We hope, whether online or offline, this communication.