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Refund Policy

PYSSUM takes the utmost care to process donations as per the instructions given by our donors, online and offline.

However, in case of an unlikely event of an erroneous donation or, if the donor would like to cancel his donation, PYSSUM will respond to the donor within 7 working days of receiving a valid request for a refund from the donor.


The timely refund of the donation will depend upon the type of credit card/banking instrument used during the transaction.

The donor will have to send PYSSUM a written request for a refund within 2 days of making the donation to PYSSUM’s official address or email along with the following :


1. Proof of the deduction of the donation amount.

2. In cases where the donation receipt has already been issued to the donor, the donor will have to return the original receipt to us at our office addresses.

3. If the tax exemption certificate is already issued, then we are sorry but we will not be able to refund the donation. However, in case of a valid refund request due to an error on PYSSUM’s part, PYSSUM will refund the donation and bear the costs of the same.

4. International donations will need a minimum of 20 working days for the refund process.

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